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                           Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club

Matthew Edwards (asst pro), Kathi Fox, Earline Dixon, Catherine Sutton, Shelly Barnes, Linda Young, Phyllis McElhiney, Carolyn Cox (emeritus), Eric Brown (pro)
Not Pictured: Caryn Crenshaw

                        Brentwood Country Club

First Row:  Joan Rice, Peggy McCanless, Patti Brown
Second Row: Evadean Coleman, Laura Foreman, Joan DeNoyelles, Terri Wells, Mary Anne Clark, Barbie Hayes, Linda Adcock, Gail Johnson, Debbie Case
Third Row:  Ginny Lund, Jan Bunshaw, Sandra Kemp, Traci Calhoun
Fourth Row: Linda Post, Jan Krikorian, Cindy Williamson, Amy Cottrell, Malene Grant
Not Pictured: Terri Sells

                   The Club @ Fairvue Plantation

First row  left to right:  Janet Vaden, Linda Zoeller, Amy Johnson, Mary McCaw
Second row: Jan Spears, June Parker, Deanne DeWitt, Joanne Walker, Carolyn Barnett
Third row: Allison McCrary, Barbara Einarson, Brenda Mathis, Stacy Cooper, Donna Harrison
Last row: Toni Oppenheimer, Nancy Corbett, Teri Gosse, Judy Brewer, Paula Walker

Not pictured: Sonya Castleman, Barbara Epley, Lea Ann Framer, Natalie Marrison, Joni Mayoras, Linda McMillian,Gloria Nolen, Pam Ogden, Ann Slice, Janet Watkins,

Five Oaks Golf & Country Club

Betty Sabel

Top Row (Left to Right):  June Crawford (first from left), Traci Peel (third from left)
Bottom Row (Left to Right): Rita Kraupa, Donna Poling, Barabara Donoho

Not Pictured:  Sue Akers, Madeline Dooley, Sydney Dunning, Cathy Higgins, Barb Huheey, Linda McDearman, Tammie Mikoletic, DeAnna Woods

                Foxland Harbor Golf & Country Club

Back Row: Joanne Walker, Rhonda Manous, Julie Marr, Janet Watkins
Front Row: Kathy Barber, Debbie McDuffie, Carolyn Barnett

                               The Governor's Club

Left to Right: Maureen Johnson, Renee Pesavento, Betty Ewen, Jean Acton, Holly Pestrosky, and Ginger Oglesby.
Not Pictured:
Linda Bosler, Molly Catino, Pam Clayton, Susie Charbonneau, Diane Lee,Laura Parrott, Stacey Tamasi, and Rhonda Switzer-Nadasdi

                               Hillwood Country Club

Front row Left to Right: Susie Brannon, Melinda Srebnick, Sue Ishee, Erica Chappell, Marty Jordan, Kim DeMoss
Middle row: Mary Ruth Geny
Back Row Left to Right: Sharon Mulloy, Suzanne McLemore, Alyse Sprintz, Cheryl Miller, Mary Pepper, Cassandra Estes, Carol Stephenson 
Not pictured: Laurie Gilreath, Helen Holland, Dianne Johnston, Helen Yates

                     Vanderbilt Legends Club of Tennessee

Back Row: Sharon Gore, Karen Dugan, Nancy Schenk, Gail Smothers Smith, Pat Creech, Lisa Chisolm
Middle Row: Janice Sauter, Jill Franks, Teresa Reese, Gena Ridgins, Sharon Aylor
Front Row: Sandy Hayes, Tina Bonnot
Not Pictured: Brenda Coldwell, Sandy Dunlavy, Brenda Goodwin, Lucia Hillenmeyer, Marlene Jones, Ginny Kmak, Michelle Lanier, Linda McCarty, Cindy Moore

                             Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

Left to Right:  Kate Jones, Betsy Davie, Debbie Conatser, Elizabeth Whittemore
Not Pictured: Lee Anne Murray, Jeanine Walker

                             Old Hickory Country Club

Front Row: Cathy McIntire, Geneva Pugh, Margo Ball, JoAnn Pence, Beverly White, Martha Rhea, Linda Gentry, Teri Campbell
Back Row: Hollie Jackson, Julie Carlton, Kay Lunsford, Pat Sofranko, Mary Kelly, Denise Pridemore, Cathy Wedekind, Hollie Graham
Not Pictured: Julie Clark, Freda Farley, Mary Jo Johnson

                        Old Natchez Country Club

Left to right: Lea Ann Towns, Freda Campbell, Linda Oddo, Phyllis Bauman, Jana Porpora, Norma Volz, Mary Bush, Monice Hostettler, Lea Ann Barrett

Not pictured: Leslee Bechtel, Anne Hawkins, Nan Speller

                               Richland Country Club

Left to Right Front Row: Lynda Wimberly, Leah Holland, Melinda Howser, Kimberly Cooper, Nan Reed, Jane Marcoe, Barbara Richards, Donna Robers
Left to Right Back Row: Angela Stinson, Linda Bautista, Kim Shallcross, Debbie Parker
Not Pictured: Julie Aaron, Heather Crane, Debbie Diaz, Nonie Dunn, Beverly Farr, Michelle Maggart, Daubney Waters

                                Temple Hills Country Club

Back Row: Sara Hume, Marion Howard, Vickie Riggin, Joanne Parkinson, Shirley Boswinkle
Front Row: Claudia Rothe, Linda Rotella, Rhonda Cincere, Frances Whitley, Mary Del Scobey, Suzanne Cheek, Linda McDugald, Sandee O'Dowd

Left to Right: Kim Crowder, Libbey Hagewood, Angie Nell, Jenifer Beres, Dianne Johnston, Shawn Anderson

Janet Catalano, Patsy Arrington, Kate Caswell

Melanie Mohr, Zanie Levering

Not Pictured:  Charlotte Dvorak, Cheryl Hibbett, Mary Keown, Sharyn Pelch, Mary Simmons, Karen Williams

                                    Westhaven Golf Club

Left to Right: Nancy Kendrot, Judy Boscamp, Libbey Hagewood, Karen Packer, Christine Blossom, Robynn Butler
Not pictured: Susan Transeth, Danna Raube and Taryn Ruffin