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                           Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club 2017

Matthew Edwards (asst pro), Kathi Fox, Earline Dixon, Catherine Sutton, Shelly Barnes, Linda Young, Phyllis McElhiney, Carolyn Cox (emeritus), Eric Brown (pro)
Not Pictured: Caryn Crenshaw

                        Brentwood Country Club 2018

First Row:  Joan Rice, Peggy McCanless, Patti Brown
Second Row: Barbara Dukes, Evadean Coleman, Laura Foreman, Joan DeNoyelles, Terri Wells, Mary Anne Clark, Barbie Hayes, Linda Adcock, Gail Johnson, Sharon Hill
Third Row:  Ginny Lund, Jan Bunshaw, Sandra Kemp, Traci Calhoun
Fourth Row: Linda Post, Jan Krikorian, Cindy Williamson, Amy Cottrell, Malene Grant
Not Pictured: Debbie Case, Terri Sells

                   The Club @ Fairvue Plantation 2018

First row  left to right:  Janet Vaden, Cindy Hopper, Debbie Harper, Cynthia West, June Parker, Paula Walker
Second row: Joanne Walker, Ann Slice, Amy Johnson, Gloria Nolen, Teri Gosse
Third row:
Deanne DeWitt, Brenda Mathis, Barbara Einarson, Linda Zoeller, Stacy Cooper, Barbara Epley
Not pictured: Caroline Barnett, Judy Brewer, Nancy Corbett, Donna Harrison, Laura Fellman, Natalie Marrison, Joni Mayoras, Allison McCrary, Linda McMillan, Pam Ogden, Toni Oppenheimer, Jan Spears, Lea Ann Stikeleather

                              Five Oaks Golf & Country Club 2019

Left to Righ: Betty Sable, Linda McDearman, Diane Norvill, Cathy Higgins and Barbara Donoho.
Not pictured: Sue Akers and Barb Huheey

                Foxland Harbor Golf & Country Club 2018

Left to Right:   Debbie McDuffie, Rhonda Manous, Kathy Barber, Cindy West, Joanne Walker

Back Row: Joanne Walker, Rhonda Manous, Julie Marr, Janet Watkins
Front Row: Kathy Barber, Debbie McDuffie, Carolyn Barnett

                               The Governor's Club 2018

Pictured from left to right:  Diane Lee, Susie Charbonneau, Maureen Johnson, Elise Cambournac, Renee Pesavento, Linda Bosler, Jean Acton, Pam Clayton, Holly Petrosky, Stacey Tamasi, and Laura Parrott.
Not pictured: 
Molly Catino, Ginger Oglesby, Carol Prince, and Rhonda-Switzer Nadasdi

                               Hillwood Country Club 2018

Back row left to right:  Mary Ruth Geny, Melinda Srebnick, Cassandra Estes, Carol Stephenson, Sue Ishee, Alyse Sprintz, Sharon Mulloy, Suzanne McLemore
Front row left to right:
Erica Chappell, Susie Brannon, Marty Jordan, Cheryl Miller, Mary Pepper
Not pictured:
   Helen Holland

Left to Right:  Kim DeMoss, Jill Clarke

                             Nashville Golf & Athletic Club 2019

Left to Right: Betsy Davie, Kate Jones, Elizabeth Whittemore, Debbie Conatser and LeeAnne Murray.
Not Pictured:  Jeanine Walker

                             Old Hickory Country Club 2019

Front Row (L-R): Julie Carlton, Linda Gentry, Elizabeth Lemons, Mary Kelly
Back Row (L-R): Cathy Wedekind, Freda Farley, Pat Sofranko, Kay Lunsford, Hollie Graham, Martha Rhea, Denise Pridemore, Cathy McIntire
Not Pictured: Margo Ball, Teri Campbell, Julie Clark, Hollie Jackson, JoAnn Pence, Geneva Pugh, Beverly White

                        Old Natchez Country Club 2019

Front left to right: Linda Oddo, Freda Campbell, Jana Porpora
Back left to right: Norma Volz, Mary Bush, Lea Ann Towns, Jennifer Hall, Monice Hostettler, Leslee Bechtel, Phyllis Bauman
Not pictured: Lea Ann Barrett, AB Hawkins

                               Richland Country Club 2018

Left to Right Front Row: Lynda Wimberly, Leah Holland, Melinda Howser, Kimberly Cooper, Nan Reed, Jane Marcoe, Barbara Richards, Donna Robers
Left to Right Back Row: Angela Stinson, Linda Bautista, Kim Shallcross, Debbie Parker
Not Pictured: Julie Aaron, Nonie Dunn, Beverly Farr, Michelle Maggart, Daubney Waters

                                Temple Hills Country Club 2018

Front row left to right:  Jenifer Beres, Joanne Parkinson
Second Row: Kim Crowder, Marion Howard, Dianne Johnston, Linda McDugald, Shirley Boswinkle, Mary Del Scobey, Sandee O’Dowd, Maggie Mignone
Back Row: Claudia Rothe, Frances Whitley, Janet Catalano, Vickie Riggin, Libbey Hagewood, Carolyn Johnston, Suzanne Cheek, Shawn Anderson
Not pictured:  Patsy Arrington, Kate Caswell, Rhonda Cincere, Marianne Crawford, Cheryl Hibbett, Mary Keown, Zanie Levering, Melanie Mohr, Angie Nell, Sharyn Pelych, Linda Rotella, Diana Siepel, Mary Simmons, Karen Williams

                     Vanderbilt Legends Club of Tennessee 2018

Back Row: Brenda Coldwell, Donna Williams,Sara Hume, Brenda Goodwin, Marlene Jones, Ginny Kmak, Sharon Aylor, Sharon Gore
Front Row: Teresa Reese, Deb Mauk, Jill Franks, Pat Creech, Janice Sauter, Gena Ridings,
Not Pictured: Kim Ames,  Lisa Chisholm, Jody Colling, Sandy Dunlavy,  Karen Dugan, Sandy Dunlavy, Sandy Hayes, Lucia Hillenmeyer,  Michelle Lanier, Cindy Moore, Nancy Schenk, Gail Smothers Smith, Susan Taylor,

                                    Westhaven Golf Club 2019

Left to Right: Monica Garvey, Nancy Kendrot, Karen Packer, Judy Boscamp, Libbey Hagewood, Chris Blossom

Christina Lannom and Robynn Butler