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Club Rep FORMS

1.     Pay dues by February 1.
2.     Turn off cell phones during all NWGA golf play and NWGA meetings.
3.     Players must pay all applicable fees on Play Days.
4.     NWGA encourages all members to support the member clubs by staying for lunch on Play Days, if possible.
5.     Calls to Club Reps should not be made after 9 pm.
6.     Players are to exchange cards within the group before you tee off for all NWGA Play Days and Tournaments. You and your Marker need to sign your scorcard before submitting it after play.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification from winning at the event.
7.     Check your email and the NWGA website (www.NWGAgolf.com) for news, information, etc. from your Club Reps and Board of Directors.

1.     A member may sign up herself and one other member for Play Days. It is the responsibility of the member who is signing the Signup Form to make sure the member she is signing up knows that she has been signed up.   Members will be notified by email when a Signup Form or Registration form has been opened for use.  Links to the the forms will be provided on the NWGA 2019 Schedule/Results webpage.  A link for Who's Playing will also be provided for Shotgun Start Play Days and Special Events.

       a.     Sign-up Forms for Play Days will be available online on the NWGA website  (www.NWGAgolf.com) at least one week in advance of each Play Day.  Sign-up can also be done by contacting the Club Rep in charge of the Play Day once sign-up is opened for the Play Day.  

       b.     Online sign-up will typically be closed the day before the Play Day.  Any changes after the online sign-up is closed should be made to the Club Rep in charge.   

       c.    For individual tee time Play Days, we use a Google Doc Signup-form.  Members can access this form with the link on the NWGA website 2019 Schedule/Results webpage.  The form can be accessed using a desktop or laptop computer without needing to download any Google Apps. 
To access the form from a smartphone or tablet (like an iPad), the member will need to download the Google Doc app and click the Edit pencil icon that appears when the signup sheet is presented on the phone or tablet in order to enter their name. 
NOTE: When entering your name on a Google Signup Form, you do not need to hit the Enter key after you type in your namePlease exit the form when you have completed your signup.

       d.     For shotgun start Play Days, we use a Google Form for registration.  A link to the form will be provided on the NWGA website 2019 Schedule/Results webpage.  No special app is needed for smartphones or tablets to complete this form.  All players need to register using this form. 
2.   Registration forms for Special Events (Opening Day, Closing Day, Pro Lady, NWGA Championship, NWGA Cup, and Lad & Lassie) will be online on the NWGA website (www.NWGAgolf.com) at least 3 weeks prior to the event. 
All registration for these events is done online.  Closing date of registrations will be posted on the Registration form and the NWGA website. 
Payments required for Special Events may be made online using a PayPal account or major credit card or by check mailed to the NWGA Treasurer by the deadline date for the event.
Special Events will have a special web page created with all pertinent information and payment links.

1.     To cancel or change a tee time Play Day signup, the member can delete their name from the online Google Doc Sign-up Sheet or change their name to a different tee time slot as long as the online Sign-up Sheet is open.  Changes and cancellations may also be done by contacting the Club Rep in charge of the Play Day (see Late Cancellation Fee below).

2.     To cancel or change a shotgun Play Day signup, the member needs to contact the Club Rep in charge of the Play Day (see Late Cancellation Fee below).

3.    When inclement weather occurs, the NWGA President, in consultation with the Play Day Rep and Club Head Pro, will cancel the entire Play Day by 7:00 am on the morning of the Play Day. When a Play Day is canceled, members do not have to contact the Club Rep or the Club Pro to cancel.
4.      Members may also cancel without penalty provided they inform the Club Rep by 12:00 pm (noon) on the day preceding the Play Day. For example, if you wish to cancel your Play Day participation for Thursday, June 13, you must notify the Club Rep by 12:00 pm on Wednesday, June 12.

      Failure to cancel without notice (except in cases of documented emergencies) will result in the member being charged a $30 Failure to Cancel Fee.

5.     Cancellations for Special Events should be made by contacting the Club Rep in charge of the event.  Cancellations after the deadline date may result in a forfeiture of the Entry Fee.

NO-SHOWS (Player did not call and did not show up at the Play Day)

1.     No-shows will be assessed a $30 fee. Play Day Club Rep will notify NWGA Treasurer.  Notice will be sent via e-mail by the Treasurer.  Payment in full is required to keep the player’s membership in good standing.