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Members present – see attached


President, Mary Ruth Geny, called the meeting to order and thanked everyone for attending the lunch meeting even though the golf portion was cancelled due to weather. 


Secretary, Angela Stinson asked for any corrections or additions to the

October 22, 2015 Closing Day Minutes which were on the NWGA website.  Mary Kelly motioned to accept the minutes and Joanne Parkinson seconded the motion.  The minutes were accepted.


Treasurer, Rhonda Manous was absent so Mary Ruth Geny gave the Financial/Budget Report – (see attached).  Copies of the budget were on each table for the membership to see.  


1st Vice Pres., Janice Sauter, highlighted the schedule for 2016 calling attention to the following events:

April 29 – Lad and Lassie at Bluegrass (Kathi Fox brought sign up sheets to meeting)

July 14 – Pro-Lady at Richland

August 31 & September 1 – Handicap Tourn at Westhaven

June 29 & 30 – Championship Tournament at Legends.  The NWGA will partner with the TGA for the Championship Tournament to try to increase participation.  The TGA will help with the sign up for the NWGA Championship Tourn. on the TGA Website;  NWGA members will get to sign up first, and then open up the tournament to non-members with a maximum number of 72 participants.  Sandy Hayes and Sharon Aylor are preparing for the event as the Reps for Legends.  Mary Ruth thanked Janice for a great job; trying to fill each date and scheduling the events with the Pros of each club can be challenging. 


2nd Vice Pres., Cathy McIntire brought the 2016 NWGA Yearbooks, and asked the reps for each Club to distribute them to their members.  We were asked to let Cathy know if there are any mistakes in the yearbook or if someone’s email changes.



Historian – Marty Jordan was absent.  Mary Ruth brought the yearbooks on which  Marty has been working.  Please send the NWGA pictures that we take to Marty via email.


Rule – Libbey Hagewood  informed us of the April 14 rules workshop at the Golf House.  Libbey mentioned the change in rule #18 (Did you cause the ball to move?). 


Sunshine – Monice Hostettler asked us to send her information concerning our members; we should also include happy information as well as sad information. 


Handicap – Cathy Wedekind reminded us to continue posting our scores. 


Jr. Golf – Gena Ridings informed us that April 7 at Governor’s Club will be a donation day for Jr. Golf as well as June 29 &30 at Legends.  The Bonnie Blackburn Golf Clinic will be held in the Fall and will be in conjunction with the Girls Collegiate Golf Tourn at Golf House on September 16-18.  Gena reminded us that the extra donation money from our dues was used to help fund the Bonnie Blackburn Camp and some entries for the Amateur Tournament.  $940 was donated to the 1st Tee, and $500 was donated to the TGA Jr. Golf for a total of $1440 from NWGA. 


Website – Caryn Crenshaw asked us to be sure the information that we send to her is in Word Document Format; this will help with uploading the information to the website.  The results can also be sent as a PDF file.


Future Policy – Joanne Walker informed us that the Future Policy Committee is looking at the policy for optional dues for Honorary Life Members.  The committee will make a recommendation at the June Board Meeting and give a report at our Closing Luncheon. 




All Emails will continue to come from one person for NWGA information. 

The sign up for Playdays will only be posted on the internet/email if there are several openings for that Playday; that will usually be on Monday before the Playday.  We must continue to contact the local Rep to sign up for the event.


Mary Ruth explained the increase in our dues will help support some of the tournaments.  The funds will be distributed as needed by the Tournament Fund Committee, consisting of the President, 1st Vice President, and Treasurer.  The funds should help keep the entry fee for some tournaments from increasing.    




Introduction of New Members

Debbie Diaz – Richland,    Debbie Conaster – Nashville Golf and Athletic,

Karen Dugan – Legends,   Marie Lakeman – Old Natchez

Teri Gosse,  Ann Slice,  Stacy Cooper - Fairvue

Marty Broderick,  Susan Transeth,  Christine Blossom – Westhaven


Honorary Life Member  

Joanne Walker was voted to Honorary Life Member in recognition for her years of service to the NWGA. 


TGA – Allison Brown said the TGA is happy to work with the NWGA in support of our Championship Tournament, and she gave us an update on events for the TGA.  She highlighted some of the TGA events:

June 14-18 Women’s Amateur – Hillwood CC

July 28-30 Women’s Open – Fairfield glade,  (with a Senior Division this year)

August 23 &24 Women’s 4 Ball – Green Meadow CC, Alcoa, TN

Sept 12-14 Senior Women’s Amateur – Windyke CC in Memphis, TN


Mary Ruth reminded everyone of the Lad and Lassie on Friday, April 29 at

Bluegrass CC. 

Mary Ruth also reminded everyone to sign up for the Governor’s Club playday.


In appreciation for coming to the meeting in the rainy weather, everyone in attendance received a sleeve of golf balls. 


Joanne Walker led us in thankful prayer for our lunch before closing.  Our lunch was a delicious buffet of soup and salad with chicken and salmon. 


With no other new business, Mary Ruth thanked everyone for attending the meeting, and the meeting was adjourned.   


Respectfully submitted,


Angela Stinson,  Secretary NWGA




Kathi Fox, Caryn Crenshaw, Shelly Barnes,



Peggy McCanless, Patti Brown, Gail Johnson, Sandra Kemp, Terri Wells



Toni Oppenheimer, Janet Vaden, Joanne Walker, Stacey Cooper, Nancy Corbett,

Lea Ann Farmer, Amy Johnson, Barbara Epley, Brenda Mathis



Betty Sabel



Debbie McDuffie



Holly Petroski, Betty Ewen, Carol Prince, Jean Acton, Ginger Oglesby, Diane Lee



Alyse Sprintz, Monice Hostettler, Erica Chappell, Mary Ruth Geny, Diane Johnston, Cheryl Miller, Melinda Srebnick, Sharon Mulloy, Susie Brannon



Janice Sauter, Gail Smith, Sharon Gore, Jill ranks, Sandy Hayes, Paula Frisby,

Michelle Lanier, Gena Ridings, Karen Dugan, Marianne Crawford, Cindy Moore, Sharon Aylor, Brenda Coldwell, Jody Colling



Betsy Davie, Debbie Conaster



Pat Sofranko, Kay Lunsford, Linda Gentry, JoAnn Pence, Denise Pridemore,

Cathy Wedekind, Mary Kelly, Cathy McIntire



Norma Volz, Lee Ann Barrett, Linda Oddo, Mary Bush, Phyllis Bauman,



Kim Shallcross, Debbie Diaz, Donna Robers, Kimberly Cooper, Angela Stinson





Angie Nell, Sandra O’Dowd, Janne Parkinson, Sara Hume, Claudia Rothe,

Vickie Riggin, Linda McDugald, Shawn Anderson, Marion Howard, Mary Del Scobey, Charlotte Dvorak, Kim Crowder, Suzanne Cheek, Frances Whitley, Jenifer Beres



Karen Packer, Marty Broderick, Christine Blossom, Judy Boscamp, Libby Hagewood








OCTOBER 22, 2015


President Mary Ruth Geny opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to Hillwood Country Club for the closing day of golf and lunch for NWGA.  Joanne Walker was asked to offer the prayer.  Mary Ruth gave a special thanks to the ladies who were in charge of tournament events:

Pro-Lady – Betty Sable and Traci Peel from Five Oaks

Handicap team event – Sandee O’Dowd and Joanne Parkinson of Temple Hills

Invitational Championship – Janet Vaden and Sonja Castleman of Fairvue Plantation

Lad and Lassie – Sharon Aylor and Sandy Hayes of Vanderbilt Legends

Opening and Closing Days – Kim DeMoss and Carol Stephenson of Hillwood.

Mary Ruth thanked all of the Board Members and Representatives for all of their work behind the scenes which made the play days and events run smoothly.


After Mary Ruth thanked the staff at Hillwood for their outstanding service, Mike Lathrop, Head Golf Pro, announced the winners of the day’s Bramble.  All four winning teams had a score of 55, so there was a score card play off.


1st Place – Kay Lunsford, Sydney Dunning, Renee Pesavento, Frances Whitley

2nd Place – Julie Carlton, Mary Kelly, Sharon Mulloy, Freda Farley

3rd.Place – Gena Ridings, Cathy Wedekind, Sue Prosch, Geneva Pugh

4th Place – Stacey Tamasi, Michelle Lanier, Holly Petrosky, Jeanne Rooley


I.                   Roll Call and Minutes – Angela Stinson asked for corrections or additions to the Opening Day minutes which were on the web site.  Mary Del Scobey moved to accept the minutes and Frances Whitley seconded the motion; the minutes were accepted.  Roll call- please see attached.   

II.               1st Vice President – Janice Sauter was pleased that all went well this year with the schedule and play days.  She asked for input for next years’ calendar schedule.  She again plans to contact the pros directly for each club when working on the 2016 schedule. 

III.            2nd Vice President – Cathy McIntire has enjoyed working with everyone and asks that any changes for the directory be sent to her.

IV.             Treasurer’s Report – Rhoda Manous complimented everyone in charge of an event for staying on budget; everyone did a great job.  See attachment for report.

V.                Handicap Report – Cathy Wedekind gave the Most Improved Golfer Award.  The Mrs. Weaver Harris Trophy is awarded to the player lowering her handicap the most on a percentage basis during the year.  The Most Improved Golfer for 2015 is Amy Johnson of Fairvue Plantation.  Amy’s handicap was lowered from 8.0 to 5.0.  Congratulations!

VI.             New Members – Mary Ruth Geny introduced the new members of NWGA.  Missy Tucker of Brentwood, Karen Williams of Temple Hills, Nancy Kendrot of Westhaven, Karen Packer of Westhaven, Barbara Einarson of Fairvue, Pam Clayton of Governors Club, and

              Rita Kraupa of Five Oaks.

VII.         Old Business – Mary Ruth Geny explained that the Team Trophy for

the Championship Tournament goes to the team with the four top players.  The Team Trophy is past due for being updated with the winners’ names.  It is being engraved with the new name for this year’s winner.  The Team Trophy for the 2015 Championship Tournament goes to Fairvue Plantation.  Congratulations! 

VIII.      New Business – The new recommendation from the Future Policy

Committee, which was presented at the NWGA Board Meeting in August, was presented to the membership.  The Future Policy Committee recommends that dues be raised beginning in 2016 from $30 to $40 plus the optional Junior Golf donation (which can be $10 or above at the discretion of the member).  It is also the recommendation that this $10 increase in dues be earmarked to subsidize the cost of the annual NWGA tournaments.

As tournament fees have increased over the past few years coupled with some decline in certain tournament entries, the Future Policy Committee recommends that we attempt to keep our tournament fees less that $100 for individual entry fees to encourage more participation.  This should be evaluated on a tournament by tournament basis to identify the optimum entry fee for the each event and then use the designated dues funds to apply to those specific tournaments that need cost adjustments or support.   

Cathy Wedekind moved to accept the recommendation and JoAnn Pence seconded the motioned.  The membership voted on the recommendation and the motion passed.   

Without any further business to discuss, the 2015 Closing Luncheon was adjourned by Mary Ruth Geny.  See you next year!  

 Respectfully submitted,


Angela Stinson,  Secretary NWGA





















Members present:  89 players, 87 at lunch (see attached)


President Mary Ruth Geny called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m following a wonderful lunch buffet at Hillwood Country Club.  She welcomed everyone for the beginning of the 91st year for NWGA.

Mary Ruth thanked Kim DeMoss and Carol Stephenson for their work for the opening day along with Mike Lathrop and staff in the pro shop.  Mary Bush said the blessing with grateful hearts for our delicious meal. 


Angela Stinson asked for any additions or corrections for the minutes of the closing luncheon at Foxland Harbor Golf and Country Club.  Kim DeMoss made the motion to accept the minutes, and Mary Del Scobey seconded the motion; the minutes were approved. 


Rhonda Manous gave the Treasurer’s Report – see attached

She highlighted the dues income and the Jr. Golf income along with the donation to the First Tee.  Cathy Barber moved to accept the treasurer’s report and Freda Farley seconded the motion. 


Janice Sauter, 1st Vice Pres., highlighted the schedule in the new directory.  She mentioned Pro Lady, Championship, Handicap, and Lad & Lassie tournaments.  Janice informed the representatives that Caryn Crenshaw has put the forms for sign - up and sign - in on the web site.  She asked everyone to look in the directory/year book for all information.  Mary Ruth thanked Janice for a great schedule and compared it to putting together a puzzle. 


Cathy McIntire, 2nd Vice Pres., was absent, and Rhonda Manous highlighted the information in the 2015 directory.  She asked everyone to check their personal information to make sure that it is correct.  She also informed everyone that all emails will come from one source, either Cathy McIntire or Rhonda Manous.  The Club Reps will no longer need to forward the information to their members; therefore, it is important that each member’s email address is correct in the directory.



The opening day Bramble results were announced by Mike Lathrop.


1st place – 119 Team of Geny, Pence, Farley, McDugald

2nd place – 121 Ridings, Foreman, Scobey, Boscamp

3rd place – 123 Anderson, Stephenson, Vaden, Barnett (s. c. play off)

4th place – 123 Oddo, Moore, Schenk, Crowder

5th place – 125 Boswinkle, Campbell, Howard, Sutton


Closest to pin,  #2 Foreman, #5 Sauter, #11 Hostettler, #16 Oddo


Committee Reports


Historian – Marty Jordan asked everyone to email any pictures of members of NWGA to help document events throughout the year. 


Rules – Libbey Hagewood  reported on the rules workshop which she attended at Golf House April 1-5, and mentioned that some of our members attended also.  


Sunshine – Monice Hostettler asked everyone to send her information of members that had a special need or loss in their lives.


Handicap – Cathy Wedekind reminded everyone to post their scores.  She mentioned the app (GHIN) for cell phones to make posting convenient. 


Jr. Golf – Gina Ridings reported on the Bonnie Blackburn camp and mentioned the opportunities for many of us to volunteer.  She had printed information sheets for opportunities to help with the

USGA junior qualifier – June 29, and the TGA junior girls July 7-9.

Gina also informed us that May 7 at Old Natchez and August 6  at Legends are Equipment Donation days for The 1st Tee.  Donations of equipment, clothes, and shoes will be accepted.


Website – Caryn Crenshaw has done a great job with the website, and she asked everyone to let her know if any information on web site needed to be changed or corrected.



Mary Ruth Geny welcomed all of our new members and introduced them.  The new members who have joined this year are:

Brentwood – Amy Cottrell,

Fairvue Plantation – Amy Johnson, Gloria Nolen, Paula Walker,

June Parker, Linda Zoeller

Five Oaks, - Wendy Kokinda, Sue Rhea

Old Natchez – Phyllis Bauman

Richland – Kimberly Cooper

Temple Hills – Kim Crowder

Legends - Jill Franks


New Business


Rhonda Manous asked everyone to reply to the correct person when an email is sent to membership.  If an email is sent concerning sign up at a club, be sure and reply to the representative who is mentioned in the email; we don’t need to reply to Rhonda or Cathy. 


It was announced that Joanne Walker has been asked to be a guest Rules Official at Bandon Dunes for a new USGA 4-ball event. 


Marty Jordan informed the membership that the 2015 U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur Championship will be held at Hillwood; the dates are  Sept. 26 – Oct. 1.  She asked for volunteers from NWGA and passed out printed sheets with the information on them.  Since this is a major event, about 500 volunteers will be needed between Sept. 23 – Oct. 1.  She asked that the information sheets be posted at the various clubs in our area.   Mary Del Scobey asked that the information sheets also be sent as an email to the membership. 


Mary Ruth encouraged us to help with the USGA event and also highlighted the TGA Women’s 4-Ball at Germantown CC on Aug. 11-12, and the TGA Women’s Sr. Amateur at Sevierville CC Aug. 31 – Sept. 2.  Mary Ruth thanked all of the club reps and committee chairs for making everything run smoothly, and the meeting was adjourned. 


Respectfully submitted,

Angela Stinson - secretary

NWGA April 2, 2015 

Libby Hagewood                   Temple Hills

Beth Sabel                             Five Oaks

Cathy Wedekind                    Old Hickory

Jenifer Beres                         Temple Hills

Frances Whitley                     Temple Hills

Jan Krikorian                          Brentwood

Janice Sauter                         Legends

Gena Ridings                         Legends

Jean Acton                             Governors Club

Joan Wright                            Legends

Lea Ann Barrett                      Old Natchez

Kimberly Cooper                     Richland

Mary Del Scobey                    Temple Hills

Mary Pepper                           Hillwood

Mary Ruth Geny                      Hillwood

Kim DeMoss                           Hillwood

Mary Bush                             Old Natchez

Paula Frisby                           Legends

Rhonda Cincere                     Temple Hills

Rhonda Manous                    Five Oaks

Joanne Walker                       Fairvue

Sandee O’Dowd                     Temple Hills -            lunch only

Sara Hume                             Temple Hills

Susie Brannon                       Hillwood

Terri Wells                             Brentwood

Toni Oppenheimer                Fairvue

Ginny Lund                            Brentwood

Kathy Barber                         Foxland

Monice Hostettler                 Hillwood

Gail Johnson                          Brentwood

Janet Vaden                           Fairvue

Betsy Davie                            Nashville Golf

Sandy Hayes                          Legends

Linda McMillan                      Fairvue

Nancy Corbett                       Fairvue

Paula Walker                         Fairvue

June Parker                            Fairvue

Ginger Oglesby                      Governors Club

Nancy Schenk                                    Legends

Marty Jordan                         Hillwood

Sandra Kemp                         Brentwood


Brenda Mathis                       Fairvue

Sharon Aylor                         Legends

Michelle Lanier                      Westhaven                                        

Renee Pesavento                   Governor’s Club

Shawn Anderson                   Temple Hills

Sue Rhea                                Five Oaks

Laura Foreman                     Brentwood

Angela Stinson                       Richland

Cheryl Hibbett                       Temple Hills

Cindy Moore                          Legends

Janet Bunshaw                      Brentwood

Linda McDugald                    Temple Hills

Freda Farley                          Old Hickory

JoAnn Pence                          Old Hickory

Kay Lunsford                         Old Hickory

Linda Otto                              Old Natchez

Mary Kelly                              Old Hickory

Phyllis Bauman                      Old Natchez

Mary Ruth Smith                   Old Hickory    golf only

Vickie Riggin                          Temple Hills

Wilma Davis                           Legends

Joan DeNoyelles                    Brentwood     golf only

Linda Gentry                          Old Hickory

Freda Campbell                     Old Natchez

Carol Stephenson                  Hillwood

Catherine Sutton                   Bluegrass

Dianne Johnston                   Hillwood

Geneva Pugh                          Old Hickory

Claudie Rothe                                    Temple Hills

Joanne Parkinson                  Temple Hills

Jana Porpora                         Old Natchez

Judy Boscamp                        Westhaven

Melinda Srebnick                  Hillwood

Norma Volz                            Old Natchez

Denise Pridemore                 Old Hickory

Shirley Boswinkle                 Temple Hills

Suzanne Cheek                      Temple Hills

Marion Howard                     Temple Hills

Leslee Bechtel                       Old Natchez

Holly Petrosky                       Governors Club

Deanne DeWitt                      Fairvue –

Caryn Crenshaw                    Bluegrass

Kathi Fox                                Bluegrass

Carol Prince                           Governors Club


Donna Robers                       Richland

Sonja Castleman                    Fairvue

Suzanne McLemore              Hillwood         golf only

Kim Crowder                         Temple Hills

Carolyn Barnett                     Fairvue

Angie Neil                               Temple Hills 















Foxland Harbor Golf and Country Club

October 30, 2014


President Joanne Walker opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the closing day of golf and luncheon.  She then asked Marion Howard to deliver the blessing.  Joanne thanked everyone for coming and participating and also welcomed any new members in attendance for their first NWGA event.  After thanking Scott Masters, the Foxland Harbor Pro Staff and the restaurant staff, she asked that Scott announce the winners of the day's Bramble. They were:

            1st place          G. Ridings, K. Fox, J. Rooley

            2nd place         S. Anderson, C. Hoot, S. Hume

            3rd place          D. McDuffie, J. Parkinson, M. Scobey

            4th place          J. Sauter, K. Lunsford, M. Kelly

            5th place          K. DeMoss, B. Ewing, H. Petrosky

            6th place          R. Manous, R. Pesavento, F. Farley

            Closest to holes:   R. Manous and S. Hume


After prizes to the above were given out, Secretary Marion Howard reminded everyone that the minutes from the Opening Luncheon had been on the website during the year.  Joanne asked if there were any additions or remarks; there were none.  Gail Smothers moved to accept the minutes, and Renee Pesavento seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved.


Treasurer Sharon Aylor presented her yearend report (see attached).  She mentioned that even though we had fewer members this year, we still brought in more money this year for Junior Golf.  There was a small discussion about our donation to First Tee, but Joanne and Sharon will address the issue of the check to be mailed.


First Vice President Mary Ruth Geny was called on for her remarks.  She stated that she had given out approximately 510 sleeves of balls to winners this year.  She also thanked all club reps for their assistance in making this year's play dates run so smoothly and asked them to thank their respective club pros for their assistance.


Second Vice President Rhonda Manous thanked everyone for their cooperation in keeping her abreast of all changes/additions/ deletions for the membership directory.


Joanne then called on Committee Chairs for their reports.  


Debbie McDuffie, in the absence of Handicap Committee Chairman Cathy Wedekind, announced the Most Improved Player for 2014 was President Joanne Walker.  Joanne improved her handicap from 17.1 to 8.5 during the period from 3-1-14 to 10-1-14.  Joanne received vigorous applause.


Junior Golf Chairman Gena Ridings thanked everyone for the 238 volunteer hours that had been donated by our members in 2014.  She mentioned, however, that more volunteers are always needed, as well as golf clothing and equipment for First Tee.  She recommended that we continue to support the Bonnie Blackburn golf camp and First Tee in the coming year with both our funds and volunteer hours.


Because Nominating Chairman Sandy Hayes was not able to attend, Mary Kelly presented the slate of nominees for our NWGA 2015 officers.  They are:

     President:                           Mary Ruth Geny

     1st Vice President:             Janice Sauter

     2nd Vice President:     Cathy McIntire

     Secretary:                           Angela Stinson

     Treasurer:                           Rhonda Manous


Joanne asked if there were any additional nominations from the floor.  There were none, so Catherine Sutton motioned to close the nominations.  Sis Cohn motioned to accept the above nominees, Kay Lunsford seconded, and the entire slate of new officers was approved.


Joanne offered congratulations to all new officers and expressed her confidence in their doing a tremendous job in the coming two years.  She thanked outgoing officers for their cooperation, support and input over the last two years, but especially thanked them for always keeping the goals and standards of NWGA foremost in their actions.  Joanne passed out gifts of appreciation to officers and committee members and also expressed gratitude and recognition to club reps.   She then distributed a favor of a specially designed Bella ball marker based on the original NWGA logo, commemorating our 90 year anniversary to all members.


Mary Ruth Geny then took the podium and made a touching tribute to outgoing President Joanne Walker that praised Joanne for her dedication, hard work, excellent organization skills and passion for golf and NWGA.   She then presented Joanne with a beautiful gold charm representing NWGA.


Joanne then expressed her own gratitude for the opportunity to serve as President, giving her the opportunity to make long lasting friends and create memories that will last a lifetime.  She received a much deserved standing ovation, after which she introduced our guest speaker, Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame member and Curtis Cup player Sarah Ingram.


The meeting was adjourned with a final wish from Joanne that everyone have a wonderful remainder of the year, but to look forward to a great new year of golf.


Respectfully submitted,

Marion Howard, Secretary